A Message from Our Founder

EmpowHERto will always stand with all womxn and gxrls, and believes fully in every womxn’s right to decide what they will do with their body. We fight day and night to ensure our gxrls understand the importance of making their own decisions, whether they be personal or business-related. “YOUR BODY, YOUR DECISION” is the motto that we instill in our young females to show them that they are in control of their own futures.

The decision by SCOTUS to overturn Roe v. Wade is a devastating setback and further exemplifies the exact reason why we continue to fight for womxn’s rights.  As Canadian womxn, we are equipped with the basic rights that we need to make choices about our bodies; however, real equity cannot be reached until we can ALL exercise these same rights. We will continue to use our strength and power during this difficult time to support our sisters in the United States of America and work to make this wrong right in order to pave a healthy, equitable way for the next generation of females.

Ladies, gxrls, womxn,


Janeen Brown

Founder and Executive Director

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