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Our Mission

EmpowHERto works with girls and young womxn to provide them with the tools they need to succeed and influence positive systemic change.

We’re launching programs in the areas of leadership, health and wellness, civic engagement, financial literacy and STEAM for high school girls and young adults to build their confidence and enhance their leadership skills in all facets of life.

Our Pillars


We provide young womxn with the resources to be self-reliant in their own powers rather than those of others by shifting the narrative and exposing them to female role models and encouraging them to be their best selves.


Our goal is to work with our young Our goal is to work with our young ladies to build self-esteem and awareness of their strengths by showing girls and womxn that what they have inside makes them beautiful, special and unique.


We provide a space as well as opportunities for young womxn to develop their confidence and their voice through activities aimed at overcoming limiting beliefs, building connections and taking risks in order to challenge the status quo and succeed as leaders.

Latest Blogs

Show The World
You Are That Girl!

EmpowHERto is committed to using our resources, services and programs through assistance and advancement. Our team is here to provide opportunities and exposures for our girls in order to inspire them.

The combination of events, mentorship and social impact equips girls to navigate gender, economic, financial and social barriers while growing them into leaders.