How Starting a Monthly Budget Can Help With Mental Health

Deciding what your financial goals are may not feel like a form of self-care, and it does require quite a bit of planning ahead, but it is one of the most necessary. Accumulating debt, spending recklessly, and not taking the time to truly understand where your money is going can not only create feelings of…

5 Money Tips to Know Before You’re 21

By Bridget Ah-Long When you’re young and most likely living with your parents, financial terms such as compound interest or tax-free savings probably aren’t very intriguing, and the thought of taking your finances seriously isn’t too high on your priority list. But, one of the most essential tips to becoming financially independent is starting early….

How To Express Gratitude in Your Everyday Life

By Alanna Sabatino With the holidays around the corner, there may be an influx of messages from peers and brands encouraging us to express thankfulness or gratitude. You might be feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to feel grateful during this time of the year; especially if you’re feeling a little more lost or uninspired than usual….

EmpowHERto celebrates #GivingTuesday 2021

Every year, Giving Tuesday marks the opening day of the “giving season”, bringing the global community together in generosity efforts. By harnessing social media’s potential to create impactful change, #GivingTuesday brings individuals, families, and organizations together to donate their time, resources, and talents to address local challenges. So, why give? Because our young people know…