Financial Literacy

EmpowHERto’s New Program: Finance Finesse

EmpowHERto’s Financial Literacy program offers girls the tools they need to learn about finances and work towards being financially independent. Finance Finesse aims to create an increase in economic prosperity and financial independence for girls between the ages of 14–21 in the Greater Toronto Area.


Start Date: March 2nd, 2021
Age: 14–21
Where: Online via Zoom
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays

3 Weeks | 7 Modules | 90 minutes per module

Program is ongoing; weekly attendance is suggested


The program will offer 10 weeks of personal development. With two modules a week, we want to create a safe, supportive environment to help empower young women to find their true selves and sustain healthy relationships with individuals and communities. Our program features a personal approach to health and wellness. The program will offer four features of support by incorporating therapeutic activities, educational courses, support groups, keynote speakers and wellness workshops.

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Diana O.

Diana O. is a certified life skills coach with a  passion for helping others and supporting women in reaching their highest potential. She has several years of experience in assisting women through life coaching and she creates content online to empower women to love themselves and propel them towards success and living a more fulfilling life. Diana also brings many years of experience in management roles leading large teams in the banking industry.  Her work experience at the bank has allowed her to have the opportunity to coach, train and develop many employees in different aspects of their career.  Her expertise includes guiding financial advisors to provide high-level advice to clients by educating them and finding the best solutions for their financial goals.

Program Coordinator

Brenda Aviles

As an intersectional feminist, Brenda is driven by issues affecting women, Indigenous people, and youth. She is also passionate about the importance of access to financial literacy, healthcare and education. Brenda completed a BA in international relations from La Salle University (Mexico) and a Graduate Certificate in international development from Centennial College. Throughout her career she has always looked for ways to innovate and improve programs directed to youth and other vulnerable communities.  Her goal is to positively impact the lives of youth and Indigenous people in the GTA and help improve accessibility in areas such as financial literacy and mental health.



Participants will be given a quick introduction to what the program will be about. The participants will get a chance to talk about themselves and share some of their personal experiences with money.

Entering the Job Market

Participants will learn how to enter the job market and about the basic tools they need to apply for jobs. With a workshop on building a resume and answering simple interview questions, the participants will increase their confidence when applying for jobs.

Money Management 101

Teaching participants important skills to prevent them from falling into debt and other money management dangers. The participants will learn basic financial literacy vocabulary and banking knowledge.

Investing: Making Your Money Grow!

Participants will get to learn investing practices to understand how to make the most of their savings. While also expanding their financial vocabulary and learning long-term thinking strategies.

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Brenda Aviles

Program Coordinator

Arlayna Clarke

Program Manager