Our Mandate

EmpowHERto collaborates with girls and young women, equipping them with the necessary resources to achieve their goals and drive constructive systemic transformation. Our initiative includes launching initiatives in leadership, health and well-being, financial literacy, and mentorship, which cater to high school girls and young women. By bolstering their self-assurance and cultivating their leadership abilities across various domains of life, we aim to empower them to succeed and make a positive impact.


EmbraceHer is a 12-week program designed to prioritize the mental health and well-being of teenage girls. Our program aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by addressing the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of self-care through engaging workshops and activities, as well as personalized therapy sessions. Participants have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and offer mutual support as they embark on a journey of empowerment and self-care. Our expert facilitators and licensed therapists offer valuable guidance to help them navigate their journey. We are keenly aware of the unique impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on communities, which has only intensified our commitment to promoting mental health and well-being among young girls everywhere.

Finance Finesse

Our program equips girls with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve financial literacy and independence. Given the increasing prevalence of financial challenges in today’s world, we understand the importance of early financial education. Our program offers girls the chance to not only acquire valuable skills but also to connect with a supportive community of like-minded girls. Participants will learn key concepts such as developing smart money habits, creating resource toolkits, and understanding what true financial independence entails. Through a series of engaging workshops and sessions led by skilled business professionals, girls will be prepared to make sound decisions and become empowered for the long term.


Navigating the future can be a daunting task for young girls, but our biweekly mentorship program, AdviseHer, can help them develop sustainable goals and plans for a fulfilling future. We offer girls the opportunity to connect with a personalized female mentor who is an expert in their respective fields, providing them with valuable guidance and support. Whether their aspirations lie in the arts or in business, we believe that no goal is beyond reach. Through a wealth of resources and pragmatic mentorship, girls can discover their passions and unlock their full potential, paving the way for a successful future.


If you’re passionate about business and dream of launching your own enterprise, our virtual academy can help you become a young changemaker and savvy entrepreneur. Our confidence-building programs cover a range of topics, from community building and leadership to customer tactics, all taught by experienced business professionals. Along this exciting journey, we provide girls with the skills they need to become their best independent selves, leading and inspiring others along the way. Our goal is to equip girls with the foundational skills of entrepreneurship and empower them to make their mark on the world.

2023 Events

There is always something great happening over at EmpowHERto. Be sure to check out our events calendar and sign up!