Our Facilitators

Our EmpowHERto team is made up of a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who are committed to helping young womxn and girls reach their full potential as leaders. We plan activities and programs, coordinate and host events, and encourage girls along their journey to becoming their best selves. We’re passionate about our mission.

Kyli L. is a Chartered Professional Accountant who is enthusiastic about supporting women in both their personal and professional aspirations.

Kyli has worked in the public accounting and private sector for many years. She currently works in external financial reporting for a Canadian publicly traded company in the luxury retail space. In her role she works in an all female team. Her leadership experience leading and building teams in the finance space, as well as her mentorship of CPA students, is something that brings her joy and fulfilment. Throughout her studies and professional life, Kyli has been a formal and informal mentor to her female peers and she has a passion for empowering women to educate themselves and follow their dreams.

Kyli has recognized that the world of finance can often seem inaccessible and she is excited to help young women meet their goals with their personal finances.

Diana O. is a certified life skills coach with a passion for helping others and supporting women in reaching their highest potential.

She has several years of experience in assisting women through life coaching and She creates content online to empower women to love themselves and propel them towards success and living a more fulfilling life.

Diana also brings many years of experience in management roles leading large teams in the banking industry. Her work experience at the bank has allowed her to have the opportunity to coach, train and develop many employees in different aspects of their career. Her expertise includes guiding financial advisors to provide high-level advice to clients by educating them and finding the best solutions for their financial goals. Overall, in banking, her greatest pleasure was supporting women in developing their career leadership skills and supporting women in making sound financial decisions that empowered them and their future.
Her combined experience and passion for empowering women through coaching led her to connect with Empowherto.

Mercedes Fogarassy is a passionate advocate, problem-solver, and feminist. She has worked and lived around the globe and comes from the two distinct worlds of international development and innovative technology.

In her professional life she designs creative and impactful data-driven solutions for organizations in the social impact space as an Industry Lead for a unique technology company. Prior to this, Mercedes facilitated youth leadership trainings across the Americas and advised on organizational development for a global NGO. Her background is in peace education, applied technology, and conflict resolution, and she has facilitated related programming in over 20 countries. In her spare time you can find her cracking a joke, scuba diving, eating ice cream, or day-dreaming about one day owning a hobby farm and growing all her own food.