Start Date: January 11, 2022
Age: 14–21
Where: Online via Zoom
When: Tuesdays

7 Weeks | 7 Modules | 90 minutes per module

Program is ongoing; weekly attendance is suggested


The program will offer 7 weeks of personal development. With two modules a week, we want to create a safe, supportive environment to help empower young women to find their true selves and sustain healthy relationships with individuals and communities. Our program features a personal approach to health and wellness. The program will offer four features of support by incorporating therapeutic activities, educational courses, support groups, keynote speakers, a bank appointment and wellness workshops.

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Meet Our Team of Experts!

Kyli Lane


Kyli L. is a Chartered Professional Accountant who is enthusiastic about supporting women in both their personal and professional aspirations.

Kyli has worked in the public accounting and private sector for many years. She currently works in external financial reporting for a Canadian publicly traded company in the luxury retail space. In her role she works in an all female team. Her leadership experience leading and building teams in the finance space, as well as her mentorship of CPA students, is something that brings her joy and fulfilment. Throughout her studies and professional life, Kyli has been a formal and informal mentor to her female peers and she has a passion for empowering women to educate themselves and follow their dreams.

Kyli has recognized that the world of finance can often seem inaccessible and she is excited to help young women meet their goals with their personal finances.



Participants will be given a quick introduction to what the program will be about. The participants will get a chance to talk about themselves and share some of their personal experiences with money.

Entering the Job Market

Participants will learn how to enter the job market and about the basic tools they need to apply for jobs. With a workshop on building a resume and answering simple interview questions, the participants will increase their confidence when applying for jobs.

Money Management 101

Teaching participants important skills to prevent them from falling into debt and other money management dangers. The participants will learn basic financial literacy vocabulary and banking knowledge.

Investing: Making Your Money Grow!

Participants will get to learn investing practices to understand how to make the most of their savings. While also expanding their financial vocabulary and learning long-term thinking strategies.

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Chamini Loganathan

Program Manager


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