Fresh and Eco-Friendly Recipes To Try This Summer


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by Lucie Huang

The days are getting hotter, and with the warm climate comes a ton of fresh, seasonal foods. From exotic fruits and vegetables to delectable seafood, there’s no shortage of delicious things to eat during the summer months. With such amazing resources at hand, why not make the most of them by cooking up some easy and healthy dishes at home? Not only will you be saving money and energy, but this is also a great opportunity to support some of your local farmers and producers. 

Here are three refreshing summer recipes that feature seasonal ingredients you can find at your local farmer’s market. Enjoy!

Acai Power House Bowl

Packed with nutrients and a variety of seasonal fruits, this acai bowl recipe incorporates many fresh ingredients to create a delicious frozen treat to combat the hot weather. Topped with granola and fresh fruit, this recipe lets you be creative with whatever seasonal fruits and/or vegetables you have available, without needing to stick to any specific mixture. You can even add chia and hemp seeds to add a boost of protein and fibre!

Farmer’s Rainbow Salad

Though many frown at the idea of a salad, this one is far from your boring green mix. Bright and colourful, with salmon, tomato, corn and spinach, this is the definition of a summer salad. With all these ingredients in season during the summer months, whipping up this salad also means you’ll be supporting local farming and reducing the carbon dioxide tracks in overseas shipping and transportation. Sustainable seafood, such as salmon, is especially impactful as many fishermen and fisherwomen are experiencing job loss and difficult work circumstances due to climate change. There couldn’t be more benefits to trying out this delicious dish!

Green Goddess Chicken Thighs

We’ve all heard of TikTok’s viral Green Goddess Salad, but this grilled chicken recipe takes a creative spin on it by marinating the meat in a green goddess sauce of fresh herbs that thrive during the summer. With mint, parsley and dill proving to be difficult to find during colder months, this recipe gives you the chance to include fresh, flavorful herbs, and will perhaps even inspire you to grow some of your own! Growing your own produce provides a sustainable alternative that is able to reduce your carbon footprint whilst supplying better quality and taste. Whether you choose to venture in herb-growing or purchase some from nearby grocers, try out this recipe at your next summer barbeque or party for an easy, crowd-pleasing meal.

We hope these recipes have inspired you to make use of seasonal ingredients and try out some new foods whilst being eco-conscious. Next time you’re thinking of eating out, consider making a trip to your local farmer’s market and picking up some fresh ingredients to cook up an easy, delicious and eco-friendly meal. It’s a great way to not only celebrate summer, but give back to the planet, too!

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