Self-Love Resources During Black History Month

by Bridget

The concept of self-love means something different to everyone, and there is no right or wrong way to achieve it. But what is for sure, are the positive effects it has on your overall mental health and well-being. Loving yourself can help you discover and accept who you are, set healthy boundaries, and focus on yourself and your happiness. When you show yourself kindness and forgiveness, tough decisions and challenging times can be easier to navigate and make you more resilient. Your definition of self-love can be as unique as you want it to be, and as long it involves supporting yourself for who you are and helping you grow in positive ways, then you’re on the right track.

To celebrate Black History Month, we’ve selected contributions from Black female individuals that can help jumpstart your self-love journey.


Journaling is a great way to get to know yourself on a deeper level and make sense of the clutter in your mind. Getting your thoughts, feelings, and hopes down on paper can also help you understand how your actions impact those around you. With self-reflection also comes a commitment to educating yourself about social issues such as biases and racial injustice. The more effort and time you commit into understanding and acknowledging the unique challenges marginalized groups face, the more you can participate in supporting them. Here is a list of Black females to celebrate this month and the amazing ways that they have contributed to society.

Positive thinking

Destructive thinking is harmful and can make you feel unworthy and undeserving. Constantly stressing and worrying about mistakes you’ve made in the past won’t make things better either. To help counter negative thought patterns, try repeating positive affirmations or mantras to yourself that directly support your growth. To find some that speak to you, or inspire you to create your own, check out this list of Black female influencers focused on positivity and well-being.

Curating social feeds

Acknowledging the digital content you consume regularly is another self-love practice. The internet and social media are amazing tools that entertain, educate, and help you interact with others, however not all digital content is good for you. Constantly exposing yourself to negative content can make you veer away from your self-love journey. Try taking an inventory of the digital content you consume, and remove, unfollow, or block any posts or accounts that upset you or make you feel bad about yourself. Curate your social feeds with diverse voices that elevate your personal interests and inspire you, not reduce your self-esteem. On the topic of digital content, another effective way to practice self-love is to take breaks from social media. Scheduling digital breaks can help ensure you aren’t forming unhealthy social media habits. Instead, take some time to cultivate a new skill or read some books about self-love. Here is a great collection to get you started.

Treat yourself

Being kind to yourself is one of the most effective ways of practicing self-love. Try taking yourself out for a coffee, drawing a relaxing bath, or writing a personal letter about all the reasons you love yourself. Another way of treating yourself is feeding your soul by supporting others. Here is a great list of amazing self-care products made by Black females to spoil yourself with.

Figuring out how to show up for yourself and be your number one fan is an essential part of how well you handle tough situations and face challenges. In addition to investing in yourself, making a conscious effort to support Black females promotes a sense of community that is urgently needed during these disconnected and isolating times.

This month, try investing in your wellness to help you acknowledge the beautiful, intelligent and special female that you are.

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