5 Workouts to do During Study Breaks


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You’re back in school, hitting the books, and you feel some aches on your body. Being studious can bring on some unwanted strain in your neck and back. While it is important to take school seriously and study efficiently, it’s also a good idea to give yourself a break once in a while and take care of yourself physically.

We recommend checking out these quick workouts that require little to no equipment. If you’re in a study group, why not get everyone to participate? Who knows, you might be able to start a whole movement with your classmates on the importance of physical wellness.

Stretch your body

Roll out the yoga mat or go on your nearest rug; it’s time to stretch your body. Sitting at a desk for hours can be horrible for your posture. One of the most accessible yoga poses is known as “the child.” This comfortable position stretches and extends your spine, glutes, and hamstrings. The child’s pose relieves stress in the lower back and neck.

Jump rope

The favourite schoolyard activity is quite the popular workout for many adults! You think you may have outgrown it, but we recommend sticking to it as much as you can. You can do this exercise indoors as well as outdoors.

A little fresh air would be good after spending several hours staring at books and a computer screen. Try getting a few hundred jumps in, but don’t over-exert yourself.

Calf Raises

It can be pretty awkward to start doing crunches on the floor if you find yourself studying at a library. Don’t worry; we got you covered! Stay at your seat and perform some simple calf raises. All you need to do is keep your feet firmly pressed on the floor and slowly raise your heels while still keeping your toes on the floor. Repeat this movement several times to allow blood circulation in your lower legs. If you’re at home, try balancing free weights on your thighs for added resistance.


I know it might sound obvious or silly to say, but walking is a great way to bring some low-impact movement into your day. Walk around your home or the campus library if you are in college. It can never hurt to get a healthy snack or a glass of water too!

Glute Squeezes

The glute squeeze is one of the most straightforward and least noticeable workouts. While sitting, just contract and relax your buttock muscles. Do them for one minute, then pause for a few seconds before continuing if necessary.

Want to up your squeeze game? Try holding each squeeze for five to ten seconds to make this easy workout more difficult.

We hope these five simple exercises will help make your studying sessions more tolerable. If you need more fitness and wellness inspiration, be sure to check out our past blog posts on running and simple workouts to do at home. We even have a little one-week workout challenge to get your mojo back!

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