HERstration Initiative to Help Girls Period Better


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EmpowHERto has launched a brand new initiative to help 25 teenaged girls get through their periods in a less stressful financial way. The goal of HERstration is to help tackle issues of menstruation equality and period poverty in our communities. 

Each month, the initiative will provide 25 girls with a care package providing all the necessary menstrual hygienic products to have a smooth and non-stressful period. We will provide pads, tampons, cups and bonus items like beauty products and snacks. 

The initiative is to help close the gap on period poverty, an issue that sees one-third of girls and young women struggling to save money to afford these necessary products. Many are forced into a situation where they must use one pad or tampon a day. This is not recommended and can be unhygienic. The average cost of female hygienic products will run up to about $6000 in one woman’s lifetime. 

We are asking potential donors and sponsors for funding to supply products for our care packages, which will cost $30. There are three options: the first being an individual sponsorship of providing for one girl for one year at the cost of $360. The second option gives you the opportunity to sponsor 25 girls a month for $750. The final option is for sponsoring 25 girls a year for $9000. 

Check out our DONATE page for more details. 

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to us at herstration@empowherto.org

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