We’re Creating a Period Care Package for Girls

EmpowHERto has launched an exciting new initiative designed to tackle issues of menstrual equality and period poverty in our communities.

Each month we will provide 25 girls in underserved communities in the GTA a care bag containing menstrual and personal hygiene products, including their choice of either pads, tampons or a cup, as well as snacks and beauty products.

In Canada alone, ⅓ of menstruating individuals under the age of 25 struggle to buy enough products every month, and on average spend over $6000 in their lifetime on menstrual hygiene products, which in turn disproportionately affects those in lower-income areas as they struggle to afford these expenses.

Due to the lack of affordability and education around menstrual products, many young women use only one tampon (or pad) per day (or multiple days), and can be forced to use unsafe alternatives due to lack of access to proper menstrual products.

As the movement towards menstrual equality and the end of period poverty continues, we want to do our part to provide access to free menstrual products to girls who may otherwise struggle with these expenses. Our program will start on a trial basis for a year with the hope that we can continue this initiative to serve our community and bring more awareness to the lack of affordable access to menstrual products both in Canada and the U.S.

The products we wish to include in these care packages are pads, tampons, cups, lip balms, snacks and more.

We’re asking potential sponsors and donors for funding to supply products for our care packages. Each package is $30. The package options are as follows:

The contents of the packages will vary slightly each month and will be available at a pick-up location in Downtown Toronto. Additional funds will go towards our resource centre and other program costs.

If you have any questions about the program contact:

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