EmpowHERto to Launch New Financial Literacy Program


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Summer is finally here! It’s time to step away from your computer screens, meet up with your friends, and enjoy the warm weather. It’s also a great time to learn something new. Our program, Financial Finesse, launching June 1, will teach you important skills on managing your money, investing, and entering the job market. We spoke with Kyli Lane, the program facilitator, about the importance of financial literacy. 

How can learning about financial literacy be helpful to teens?

Learning about financial literacy can be very helpful to teens as it will allow them to develop healthy financial habits that will ultimately help them reach their goals. By learning at this stage in their life, they can gain an understanding of the importance of being financially responsible and the tools and resources available to help them do so.

In our FF program you’ll be reviewing a number of different topics including money management, entering the job market and investing? How important is investing at this stage in their lives? 

Investing is an important tool to grow money that you currently have, even a small amount invested can grow substantially over time. Investing is an important part of planning for one’s financial future, as long as debts have been managed. There are many options available to teens who would like to begin investing.

Can a summer job be a first step towards teens becoming financially independent?  

Absolutely! A summer job not only teaches one the value of a dollar and contributes towards a strong work ethic, but it also gives teens the funds to begin their saving/investing journey. 

Register here if you’re interested in applying for our program. For more information on financial literacy, check out our blog articles and follow us @empowherto.

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