Join us as a Volunteer!

Corporate Sponsorship Specialist (Volunteer)

Corporate Partnerships Coordinator (Volunteer)

IG TV Coordinator (Volunteer)

Grant Writer (Volunteer)

Marketing Coordinator (Volunteer)

Administrative Assistant (Volunteer)

Communication and Graphic Design Coordinator (Volunteer)

Program Coordinator (Volunteer)

HR Coordinator (Volunteer)

Fundraising Coordinator – USA (Volunteer)

Fundraising Coordinator – Canada (Volunteer)

Manager, Donor Engagement & Retention (Volunteer)

Manager, Community Engagement (Volunteer)

Community Engagement Coordinator (Volunteer)

People Operations Specialist (Volunteer)

Email Marketing Specialist (Volunteer)

PR Coordinator (Volunteer)

Digital Content Manager (Volunteer)

Fundraising Coordinator (Volunteer)

Business Development (Sponsorship) Specialist (Volunteer)

Brand Partnerships Coordinator (Volunteer)

Business Development (Sponsorship) Specialist – USA (Volunteer)

Corporate Sponsorship Specialist – USA (Volunteer)

Brand Partnerships Coordinator – USA (Volunteer)

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