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EmpowHERto has welcomed six new members to the Board of Directors. Each one brings a wealth of experience to their role and a passion for helping young womxn and girls gain the skills and experience needed to become future leaders. Here’s what they hope to accomplish as new members of the board.

Mandy Cronin

Mandy is an award-winning athlete in the field of women’s hockey and co-founder of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and former goaltender in the league. Mandy currently serves as the General Manager for the Toronto Six, an expansion team in the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). She will be assisting with Diversity and Inclusion efforts in her new role.

“My entire working life, from high school on, has been centered on the same core values and mission that EmpowHERto was founded on. I am eager to work with the amazing group of womxn on the Board of Directors, and to tap into my decades of experience as an entrepreneur, sports industry executive, and mentor to help continue the growth of the organization and the programming that we offer to the next generation of young female leaders.”

Read more about Mandy here.

Jenny Jiang

Jenny works in Strategy & Operations at Uber Eats. She has 8+ years of experience working with small and large companies and clients in the areas of finance, risk, strategy, and operations. In her new role, she hopes to help the next generation of female leaders find their voice.

“The few but memorable female role models in my life played a big part in who I am today. I hope that through EmpowHERto, I can pay it forward and help create the next generation of strong female voices in our community.”

Read more about Jenny here.

Marie Lampropoulos

Marie Lampropoulos is Associate Counsel of Business and Legal Affairs at Warner Music Canada. As a new member, she hopes to continue her pursuit to help nurture and support womxn to have the confidence to pursue leadership roles and create their own opportunities.

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Christine Tan

Christine is AVP Portfolio Management at SLGI Global Investments, the investment manager of the Sun Life family of mutual funds. She believes that womxn bring a powerful and different perspective to leadership, and the foundation of these next generation leaders are the young girls and young womxn of today. 

“I joined the Board of EmpowHERto so I can help create programs and a safe environment for young womxn to explore, learn and achieve their potential.  I would like to share advice I have received over the years:  Be true to yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Embrace failure as a step to success.  Most important of all…dare to try.”

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Tanisha Tulloch

Tanisha Tulloch brings a wealth of professional experience in human resources. She is an HR Executive at a med tech start-up and has held previous HR leadership roles in industries including hospitality, robotics and healthcare.

“Change is the only constant in life” and Tanisha lives by this motto. It has encouraged her to pursue changes in how young womxn are viewed in the workplace, but more importantly, how they view themselves. She believes that organizations like EmpowHERto provide a platform to curate great changes across the board.

Read more about Tanisha here.

Christine Yoon

Christine Yoon is the Senior Director of Client Strategy at CIBC where she leads a team that executes new customer acquisition and franchising initiatives. In her new role, a position inspired by her young niece, Christine wants to help pave a fruitful path for the next generation.

Read more about Christine here.

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