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Choosing the right mentor isn’t always about finding an expert who has achieved success in their field. After all, not every person has the knowledge to aid you in your personal journey. Finding an appropriate mentor means finding someone who has the experience and tools to help guide you to where you want to be, has the resources to help you and can act as an accountability partner. See below for some tips from EmpowHERto when seeking out mentorship.

Figure out your goals: Because sometimes we need a mentor to help guide us in one specific area of life, decide where you’d like to receive help, and identify your specific goals. Perhaps you’d like help managing your finances. A financial mentor can help you connect with information and resources related to finance and also be your accountability coach. 

Identify a person: Choose someone who is where you want to be. If you want to be a lawyer, then reaching out to a tech entrepreneur, no matter how successful she is, won’t help you with taking the LSAT, and she won’t be able to offer advice on the pros and cons of practicing different types of law. 

Similar to getting help from a nutritionist when you want to get healthy, finding the right person in your chosen field can make all the difference between general guidance and meeting specific, targeted goals.  

Reach out to your network: Do you know a person in your life who seems to know everyone? This is when networking comes in handy. Are you on LinkedIn or Facebook? Do you go to networking events? Reach out to friends, classmates, and maybe even neighbors. You never know who may be connected to someone in a position to help you. 

Match your personality style: You should vibe well with your mentor. For example, if you’re an introvert, then choosing someone who’s an extrovert may be a bit intimidating. Though you may need someone to pull you out of your shell at times, having someone who understands the unique challenges of being an introvert and has overcome them to have a successful career might work better in your favor. 

Once you find that person you would like to mentor you, approach them professionally, describe the kind of guidance you’re seeking, and find out if they are willing or in a position to mentor you. Remember to always respect their time.

In looking for a mentor you’re embarking on a personal journey to help determine your future. Mentorship is an important investment in your future and will take time and patience to seek out.

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