7 Awesome Ways to Virtually Celebrate the Holidays

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had to adjust our lives to make sure we are healthy and safe, and celebrating the holidays this year will be different than what we’re used to. 

Although some parts of North America are in lockdown again, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with our friends and family. We’ve gathered some alternate ideas for how you can safely celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. We hope this list will help inspire you to get creative and make some amazing new memories!

Send a Care Package 

You can personalize the care package by sending your loved ones some of their favorite things. If you’re sending a care package to someone from another country, you can send them local items from where you live. It might help them feel a little bit closer to you. 

Host a Virtual Holiday Party 

You may not be able to have your family and friends over but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a great party. Make a playlist from your favorite songs, have an ugly sweater contest, play trivia, or even dress up as your favorite characters from Christmas movies. 

Create a Holiday Photoshoot

You can create a virtual photoshoot through FaceTime. All you need is a phone camera, good lighting, and cute outfits. You can even get super creative and decorate your background if you want. To do it, the photographer calls you (the model), you pose, and the photographer snaps photos using the capture button.

Make Gingerbread Houses or a Holiday Themed Dessert on Zoom

Gather your loved ones via Zoom and challenge them to create the best gingerbread house they’ve ever made. It doesn’t matter if you make your own gingerbread or if you buy a gingerbread kit, what matters is your creativity! Decorate with icing, candy canes, chocolate pieces, marshmallows, sprinkles, or almonds. The options are endless. Check out ​Good Housekeeping​ for some inspiration when creating your gingerbread houses. 

Baking is always a fun activity. ​Food Network​ has gathered a list of festive and fun recipes you can make. You can challenge yourselves by making Julekage (a Danish Christmas yeasted bread) or Kransekake (a Scandinavian dessert). 

Have a Holiday Movie Night 

Movie nights are always a good idea. Whether you’re watching a cheesy romantic comedy or a holiday classic (Home Alone is my fave!), schedule a Netflix Party! If the Netflix Party installation doesn’t work for you, even being on a group chat and watching at the same time is fun.

Get Crafty

Instead of buying a postcard or holiday card, make your own by using watercolours and turn it into a fun activity. Check out our gift guide for where you can buy ​watercolours​. 

Bonus: according to the ​Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, creating art can also help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Make New Year’s Resolutions 

What goals do you have? How are you going to practice better self-care next year? What are some ways you can be a better family member, friend, or neighbor? Create a list of New Year’s resolutions, share them with your loved ones, encourage one another, and do a check-in throughout the year. 

Host a virtual NYE Fashion Show 

It’s time to bust out all your sparkly eyeshadow and your highest heels. Host a virtual fashion show and take pictures using the FaceTime trick we mentioned. End the night by changing into your sweatpants, ordering takeout from your favorite local spot, and ringing in the year with the people you love the most.

For tips on how to stay safe while celebrating, check out the Centers for Disease Control’s website. 

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