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Embracing your feminine energy can allow you to connect with your mind and body, and explore what makes you unique.
Embracing your feminine energy can allow you to connect with your mind and body, and explore what makes you unique.

What does it mean to embrace your feminine energy? To truly understand, you need to look inward. Explore what it is that gives you energy. What inspires you? Are you living life to the fullest? This process of reflection is important not only to understand yourself better but to lead with confidence and strength. For me, embracing my feminine energy is knowing who I am and not living to please someone else, finding what I truly enjoy doing, and manifesting it to its fullest potential, no holding back. 

This is for everyone and anyone who identifies as female, as well as those who wish to become more in tune with their feminine side. We at EmpowHERto highly encourage our readers to get in tune with themselves, and what better way to honour this month’s theme of relationships than by giving some attention to the relationship you hold with yourself?

What is Feminine Energy and How is it Different from Masculine Energy? 

Feminine energy is free-flowing and not bound by rules; it is not restrictive and does not abide by social norms. Intuitive feeling and creativity are commonplace, along with being collaborative and expressive. 

Masculine energy is commonly seen as the polar opposite of feminine energy; there’s a predictability and rigidness. Rules and order, along with logical thought and being competitive are the norm. According to Silvia Salow from Thrive Global, “Another way to look at the masculine energy is as knowledge whereas the feminine is knowing. The knowledge is static with precise dimensions and exact design. While knowing is forever changing. It’s not a level of knowledge to be achieved because once you get there, it opens new possibilities and thus inspires you to grow further.”

Here are the main ways you can begin to embrace your feminine energy:

  1. Feminine energy shouldn’t have to clash with masculine energy. Both energies should be harnessed in every individual: pick and choose whichever works best for you while still striking a balance between the two. It’s not about carrying a label stereotypical to men or women, it’s whatever makes you more confident in yourself. 
  2. Do not be afraid to speak your mind. As a woman, you have a voice. You have valid opinions and ideas, and they deserve to be heard. Do not let naysayers, haters, or trolls deter you from speaking your mind. 
  3. Be open to receiving. Ask for help or support. It’s nice to be independent, but sometimes it’s best to not get in your own way. Honour yourself with gifts; to pamper yourself is a gift in and of itself. It’s important to remember that you deserve a little something special too every now and then.
  4. Express yourself through creative means. Don’t overthink it, just follow what you are naturally feeling in the moment. This can take the form of writing, painting, music, a DIY project, computer programming, cooking, baking, tinkering, etc. Whichever outlet you choose to express your creativity is valid towards embracing your feminine energy.
  5. Embrace your sexuality. They say gender is performative; stop trying to be a patriarchal version of an ideal woman. Let go of archaic societal standards, and be the best, most authentic version of you. Women should not have to fit a singular mould. 
  6. Be proud of being a woman. Don’t live for male validation. Live to please yourself, and honour that promise. We’re not saying to be selfish; just remember who you are and stand for what you believe in. 
  7. Become part of a community of like-minded women. Spend time with women who build you up, maybe in a book club or a running group (or a nonprofit organization that supports young women like EmpowHERto!).
  8. Find routines that help you feel grounded, and take the time to reflect. This can take the form of meditating, journaling, a skincare routine, etc. You decide what works best for you. 
  9. Reclaim your own beauty. By reclaiming the word “beautiful” and making it your own, you are subverting common ideas of standard feminine beauty. Be the change you want to see.
  10. Reconnect with your body. Maintaining well-being will help you put an emphasis on your physical and mental health. We encourage you to take time to rekindle with your body, listen to what it’s saying to you, and don’t ever let the judgment of others determine your perception of yourself. 
  11. Connect with nature or natural elements: water (soaking in a hot bath), fire (lighting scented candles or gazing at a fire pit), wind (taking a walk outside), and earth (gardening or surrounding your environment with interior plants).

Womxnhood is something to be celebrated and cherished. It is a wonderful experience. We ought to show more appreciation for our gender, rather than shying away from the very thing that makes us unique. By incorporating these activities into your life, I hope you release the feminine energy that was inside of you this whole time! 

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