Civic Engagement Program: AmbiSHEous

Module 1: Introduction to Civic Engagement

In this module the participants will begin with exploring what civic engagement is, the many areas of civic engagement pertaining to Canada and how they can become involved.

Lesson 1: What is Civic Engagement

In this lesson participants will learn the basics of civic engagement, what it is and how it is present in our everyday lives. Participants should be able to identify key examples of civic engagement in many sectors of society.

About the Facilitator

Mercedes Fogarassy is a passionate advocate, problem-solver, and feminist. She has worked and lived around the globe and comes from the two distinct worlds of international development and innovative technology. In her professional life she designs creative and impactful data-driven solutions for organizations in the social impact space as an Industry Lead for a unique technology company. Prior to this, Mercedes facilitated youth leadership trainings across the Americas and advised on organizational development for a global NGO. Her background is in peace education, applied technology, and conflict resolution, and she has facilitated related programming in over 20 countries. In her spare time you can find her cracking a joke, scuba diving, eating ice cream, or day-dreaming about one day owning a hobby farm and growing all her own food.

Lesson 2:  Self Advocacy & Civic Engagement

In this lesson, participants will learn how civic engagement and self advocacy go hand in hand, why it is important to champion for yourselves and how that can be extended to the communities they live in. Participants will observe how to be advocates for themselves and the community through tangible actions. 

About the Facilitator

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