Wardrobe Basics Every Entrepreneur Should Have in Her Closet


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Planning on becoming your own boss? Want to shine in your new career all while looking the part of a self-respecting entrepreneur? Why not spruce up your wardrobe with some business attire flair that matches your vision of success? People hold a certain expectation when meeting an entrepreneur: they want someone who looks professional, confident, and trustworthy. Adding a bit of style to your look can also influence how you’re perceived.

Here at EmpowHERto, we believe in the power of fashion and its role in helping you to feel confident and prepared. We want to give you simple wardrobe guidelines for your next clothes shopping experience. Following these basic fashion tips will give you a leg up when networking, conducting business or even meeting a potential client.  

We’re not suggesting that you splurge on expensive clothes (better to keep that money to invest in your business). We just want you to look the part of a successful entrepreneur. Check out stores like Winners or Marshalls for discounted quality clothing. Many trends and styles keep coming back, so it wouldn’t hurt to make a small trip to your local thrift store, especially for classics blazers.  And once you have found financial success, perhaps treat yourself to a classic investment piece that will last you for years. Read on to learn more.

Blazers are the number one thing most women think of when tasked to dress for an office environment. I don’t blame them. It turns any outfit into an effortlessly chic look. Look for one that is proportionate to your body/height. Try to avoid padded ones or oversized ones, unless you’re going for that look.

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Trousers or dress pants are a common staple for every business professional out there. Try going for a flattering shape, like these wide-leg trousers. 

Stylish denim jeans are not just reserved for casual Fridays. They can definitely be part of your business wardrobe if you pair it with the right top (like an on-trend shoulder-padded white T) and some chic accessories. Keep in mind that you may not want to show up to your first meeting in denim. 

If you like to mix things up every once in a while, I suggest including a lovely skirt in your business wardrobe. Skirts have a feminine charm that contrasts beautifully with the masculine lines of a blazer. 

Finding the perfect pair of heels to go with all your wardrobe basics can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Try going for a neutral tone (like beige, nude, brown, or black), a slightly pointed toe to keep things chic, and a short kitten heel in order to maintain comfort. 

If you live where the seasons change four times a year, then a set of good leather boots (or good quality pleather ones for vegans) will work wonders for your business attire. Apply the same basic rules for heels when looking for boots. Try looking for quality material when buying boots; it’s better to splurge on a good pair of leather boots that can last you many years to come. Also, get into the habit of shining your boots in order to make them last longer. I have a pair of brown leather boots that I received as a gift 8 years ago and they are still going strong! 

This generation of entrepreneurs cannot function without the convenience of their personal computers,  smartphones and tablets. Store all your important devices in a quality bag.

Have fun with your personal style by embellishing your outfits with dainty accessories.

A white blouse is a classic staple for the working woman. You can keep things traditional with trousers or go the business casual route with a pair of jeans.

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A dress is never out of the question when it comes to dressing for business. It’s a welcome break from the usual pantsuit combo. Try opting for blouse-type dresses in order to create a classy look.

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A stylish trench coat gives off that businesswoman vibe. Pick any colour you want, from dark moss green to the iconic camel coat, you can’t go wrong when sticking to the classic shapes.

There you have it, some ideas on how to get your business wardrobe started.I want to reiterate the importance of investing in classic clothing pieces that will never go out of style. It will save you a lot of financial headaches in the future, not to mention remove some of the stress that comes with getting dressed in the morning for work. 

Finally, I think it’s important to highlight the idea of establishing your own sense of style while still respecting the expectation to dress professionally. You are trying to put yourself out there in this world, so find which styles work for you and the business you intend on representing. If neutral tones do not fit with your fashion identity, then by all means, please go for that splash of colour. Fashion is meant to be fun after all!

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