7 Creative Indoor Ideas for Your Mother’s Day


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Cooking a new dish together is a great way to spend time at home with your mother on her day.At-home workouts are a perfect way to keep up with your fitness goals.

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Have you made your plans for spending time with the mother figure in your life? The situation around us has forced us to be more creative in the ways we choose to spend time with our loved ones. Mother’s Day is no exception! Here are some ideas for spending time together on her day whether you’re together or on opposite sides of the computer screen. 

Have an indoor (or outdoor) picnic

For a different take on a traditional picnic spread, try MyRecipes.com’s wonderful recipe for a Picnic in a Glass – a non-traditional take on the picnic spread that’s also portable. Perfect for eating in front of a computer screen with a cute new outfit! https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/picnic-in-glass

Plan a spa day

Put together a bunch of cute self-care products (ordered online) for a fun and free spa day together at home. If you’re apart, pre-order the essentials online and have them delivered to her place and then apply your masks at the same time! MODERN GLAM has come up with a few essentials to enjoy an indoor spa day to the fullest. https://www.modern-glam.com/mothers-day-gift-basket-idea-spa-at-home 

Cook a new dish

If you can’t see your mom in person don’t worry. E-mail her a recipe, hop on a video call and start cooking that long-awaited “I really want to try this” dish together. Grokker has a really good brunch recipe – https://grokker.com/cooking/video/breakfast-cups-mother-s-day-brunch/536beeadda912c7a79000015 

Have an old school dance contest

Times are tough but that’s no reason to stop having fun. Get down with your mother to some of her favourite old school jams or introduce her to some new ones. Check out Spotify, Pandora, or create a free YouTube playlist.

Play “20 questions”

So, you think you know your mom pretty well, eh? Prove it! Sit her down and ask her some real questions about her life (and try to answer them in your head) before she answers. If you add a recorder or camera, you can save the answers for a tell-all! Check out HuffPost – https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/questions-to-ask-your-mom_n_5af32a3ee4b09bb419e45432. Let her return the favor and ask you some questions of your own. Here are some ideas from a blog, Mom on the Side, https://momontheside.com/questions-to-ask-your-teen

Take an online art class

Extra time at home means extra time to get creatively inspired, whether through drawing online, photography, or learning to play an instrument. This Mother’s Day, though, why don’t you and your mother try painting together? In-person or virtually, it is fun to see someone’s creative juices flowing. Create a free profile on Skillshare and choose from lots of different art techniques. https://www.skillshare.com/browse/art?sort=trending  

Tackle a long-put-off home project

We all have that one home project that we keep putting off. Now’s the time to tackle it. Martha Stewart has a few easy DIY home projects to get you going – https://www.marthastewart.com/1502454/diy-home-projects


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