National Fitness Day: At-Home Exercise Tips & Resources


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At-home workouts are a perfect way to keep up with your fitness goals.

Do you want to know a good reason to close Netflix for a minute, grab your water bottle, and move your body? In the United States, May 2nd is National Fitness Day (June 6th for our Canadian readers). Whether you are a fitness newbie or have been working out for years, the EmpowHERto team hopes you find a way to get moving and reach your goals wherever you are. 

We all know fitness is important for our physical health, self-care, and confidence, but it can be tricky to figure out what works best for our individual abilities and interests. Here’s some information on different exercises and free resources to utilize at home:

CARDIO…it’s not just for people who like to run! According to Best Health, cardio exercise is anything that raises your heart rate and makes you breathe heavy; it burns calories, improves your metabolism, and strengthens your heart and lungs. Try implementing activities like brisk walking, swimming, biking, or jumping rope into your routine and see what works for you.

Zombies, Run! is a fun, motivational running app that turns your regular jog into an audio-guided mission. Your first four missions are free, and you can unlock one free mission every week. Download on iOS and Android.

STRETCHING is so important, but often overlooked! When we deliberately stretch our muscles it helps keep them flexible and strong, which is important for our range of motion. Regular stretching will also help you perform better when doing other forms of exercise.

Yoga is a popular practice that often includes moving stretches and breathing techniques. This YouTube video by Yoga with Adrienne is specifically designed for teens (and check out her other videos while you’re at it): Yoga For Teens | Yoga With Adriene

STRENGTH TRAINING can sound scary for some people (does anyone really want to be tagged in the push-up challenge?!), but it is just exercise designed to improve your strength. Strength training may involve using weights (such as using a 10-pound dumbbell for bicep curls) or your own body weight resistance (like when doing a squat). You do you!

Nike Training Club offers a ton of workout tutorials, and many of them are free! This app also tracks your progress. Download on iOS and Android.

HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING is a cycle of short and intense exercise (such as 20 seconds of high knees or burpees) followed by less intense recovery exercise (such as a 40- second rest or plank). HIIT workouts are great because they produce many health benefits in a super short amount of time. 

Try MadFit’s fun and effective HIIT workouts on YouTube: MadFit 

Whatever exercise routine works for you, the most important thing is that you are moving your body and having fun. If you take part in National Fitness Day, tag us and let us know! EmpowHERto is cheering you on.


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